Jon Rafman MAC Montreal

The MAC screens dystopian videos by Montreal artist Jon Rafman

“…a terrifying image of a future where all humanity is uploaded to a virtual purgatory and endlessly abused.”

The Musée d’art contemporain in Montreal (aka the MAC) is screening Disasters Under the Sun and Poor Magic, two dystopian videos by Montreal artist Jon Rafman, through Sept. 6.

From the MAC website:

“What concerns me is the general sense of entrapment and isolation felt by many as social and political life becomes increasingly abstracted and experience dematerialized. There is no viable or compelling avenue for effecting change or emancipating consciousness, so the energy that once motivated revolution or critique gets redirected into strange and sometimes disturbing expression.”

—Jon Rafman

According to the MAC, the two films represent a dark turn in Rafman’s work, and “resonate in uncanny and frightening ways with the current crisis we are living.”

For more about Disasters Under the Sun and Poor Magic by Jon Rafman, visit the MAC website.

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