Jérôme Ferrer Europea Montreal masks

Jérôme Ferrer | Facebook. Photo by Laurence Labat

Jérôme Ferrer has already made masks mandatory at Europea in Montreal

The restaurateur/chef is not waiting till July 27.

Restaurateur and Chef Jérôme Ferrer confirmed yesterday that clients at his restaurant Europea will be required to wear masks or face coverings when they are not seated at their table, even before masks become mandatory in indoor public places in Montreal on July 27. Masks will be provided to patrons who no not have their own. Hand sanitizer bottles will also be placed on each table in the restaurant.

“UPDATE: New sanitary measures ????

The health and safety of our employees and our customers is at the heart of our concerns within our establishment. We would like to inform you that you will need to wear a mask during your next visit starting this week. Obviously, you will be able to remove the mask once at your table, to fully enjoy your evening. It will only be required when you travel to our restaurant to protect yourself collectively. We will be happy to give you, free of charge, one mask per guest as well as one bottle of hand sanitizer per table. We will also give you an information sheet to fill out for the register of our establishment.

“We thank you for your understanding and your participation! These efforts are being made to avoid the possibility of a second closure which could be fatal to our business.

Thank you from the heart,

See you soon!


Jérôme Ferrer has already made masks mandatory at his restaurant Europea in Montreal

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