Masks for men with beards turbans Sikh COVID-19

COVID-19 masks for the Sikh community

Designed to accommodate turbans and long beards as well as hijabs.

British designer Sunnie Delilah, owner of Delilah’s Dressing Room, has created a COVID-19 mask for men who wear turbans or have beards, for whom other mask designs are insufficient. As reported by the BBC, Delilah had Sikh men in mind when she designed the masks, which are long enough to cover beards (with a pouch of sorts for the beard) and have elastic straps that can stretch across the back of a turban.

“For men that is generally wear turbans, you can’t really put elastics over the ears because your ears are covered,” said Delilah, “and if you’ve got a long beard, your mask only covers a proportion of your face.” 

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A Face Mask for men with beards and/or turbans designed, created and made Exclusively by for The gent in this pic was the muse for this creation. My sons grandfather, my husbands father, my mother in laws husband and of course my father in law. All of which he means the world too and like so many others he was struggling with the general face masks due to his turban and not being able to place the mask over his ears and then his beard not being covered and the mask not doing its job correctly essentially. Being a designer and creator I wanted to come up with a solution so that we could protect him as much as possible when having to be out and around people. I spent much time working on designs and making mocks and got to this finished product which is breathable, adjustable, washable and reusable. It keeps the face covered and beard tucked in neatly preventing the possibility of droplets heading straight for the facial hair. It also looks a lot more presentable for men with beards and is very easy to wear for men with turbans. The happiness of how proud my father in law was when I created this was just amazing. He was so thankful and grateful that I was able to do this to help him and now be able to help the community – I was and am actually proud of myself. So if like me you have family members that could benefit from one of these face masks they are available to order via [ please note: if you have a very full, thick and long beard please add a note when ordering so that it can be made according to your requirements.] Thank you 🖤 #staysafe #wearamask

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Sunnie Delilah, owner of Delilah’s Dressing Room, designed a COVID-19 mask for Sikh men, or other men who wear turbans and have beards

Delilah’s Dressing Room offers international shipping. For more details, please visit their website.

It’s worth noting, however, that these masks are not medical grade. Back in early May, two Sikh doctors in Montreal made the difficult decision to shave their beards off entirely so as to wear the necessary masks to treat COVID-19 patients.

A child in Malaysia, meanwhile, designed another type of mask for Sikh men after watching his father struggle with conventional masks. This one, which also works with hijabs, is fitted with a strap extender:

Deaf mute child makes strap extender to fit around turbans and hijabs

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