Cinzia & the Eclipse Montreal video

WATCH: A video by Montreal singer-songwriter Cinzia & the Eclipse

“Don’t Call Me Up” was inspired by an impromptu message from an ex.

Montreal singer-songwriter Cinzia & the Eclipse dropped a new music video for the song “Don’t Call Me Up.” Active since 2018, Cinzia & the Eclipse draw inspiration from Julia Michaels, Florence and The Machine, Janis Joplin and her hometown, Montreal.

“‘Don’t Call Me Up’ came to be after an ex messaged me with an old memory of us,” said Cinzia. “We both knew whatever we had was done. He moved on, but I’d be lying if I said I had at the time. In my annoyance over the lack of control I had over the situation, I wrote the song’s first line: Don’t call me up if you’re not in love with me anymore.”

The video was conceived with Francine Romano of Papillon De Nuit. Watch it here:

“Don’t Call Me Up” music video

Cinzia & the Eclipse website.

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