Justin Trudeau $14-billion federal aid COVID-19

Trudeau: The federal government is ready to contribute $14-billion more

“…for the things that all Canadians need.”

In this morning’s press briefing, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $14-billion federal expenditure on the Safe Restart Agreement following yesterday’s meeting with Canada’s provincial premiers. The project, which aims to protect frontline workers and working Canadians as the economy restarts, includes funding for personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers and businesses as well as a guaranteed 10 days of paid sick leave, even for workers who don’t have benefits.

“The federal government is ready to contribute $14-billion more for the things that all Canadians need,” Justin Trudeau said. “As you go back to work, we want to make sure you are protected wherever you are. Here is what the premiers and I will work on for a Safe Restart Agreement, which will cover the next critical six to eight months:

“More PPE for healthcare workers on the front lines so they can focus on saving lives instead of worrying about their safety.

“Making sure that businesses have the PPE they need so that every Canadian is safe on the job no matter where in the country they go back to work.

“We are also taking about childcare, so that every parent knows there is a safe place for their kids. Because when moms and dads get back to work, they shouldn’t have to worry about how their kids are doing.

“We all know that there are too many seniors who have gotten sick from COVID-19. And along with our elders, there are many people who are especially at risk if they get the virus. So we want to provide immediate assistance so that the most vulnerable are protected.

“We are also talking about sick pay of up to 10 days so that for workers who currently don’t have benefits, the federal government will provide the funds needed to make this happen.

“And we are talking about support for cities and municipalities so that when Canadians get back to work they can count on the services they need like public transit and community programs.

“I’m looking forward to working with premiers to make this happen.”

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