quebec economic recovery plan health chsld education infrastructure public transit Christian Dubé

Quebec’s economic recovery plan includes 202 projects in health, education and public transit

All of these projects focus on infrastructure.

Minister Christian Dubé, the president of the Quebec treasury board, has just announced the acceleration of the $3-billion infrastructure plan announcement in March. This plan aims to support Quebec’s economic recovery in areas of health, education, public transit and other areas relating to infrastructure.

“We’re going to accelerate the renovation projects of primary and secondary schools and the construction of new and more modern schools — 39 (of the 202) projects have to do with the education sector,” Mr. Dubé said. “In health, we’ll be able to proceed on the construction and renovation of 48 CHSLDs and other senior homes and hospitals across Quebec. In health, it’s a total of 90 projects out of 202. There will also be 42 road, bridge and collective transportation projects, including analyzing the prolonging of the REM and certain metro lines.”

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