Horacio Arruda race COVID-19 Quebec study

Quebec will conduct a study on race and COVID-19

The study will help to determine whether certain demographics are more likely to contract the virus.

Earlier today, CBC News reported that Montreal public health officials are not sharing data on the race of COVID-19 patients, but census data reveals that the virus has most adversely affected Black people and other visible minorities in neighbourhoods like Côte-des-Neiges and Montreal North — where a disproportionate number of people are frontline health and essential service workers. This afternoon, Quebec public health director Horacio Arruda was asked about race and COVID-19 and said that the province will conduct a study on the issue. Dr. Arruda speculated that certain demographics in Quebec may be more likely to contract COVID-19 due to genetics or their living situations, and that a study can better determine these relationships. “With a specific study, you can get more information than if you collect data that is only a survey.” ■

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