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Quebec to allow indoor gatherings of 50 people

Horacio Arruda announced new physical distancing guidelines for larger gatherings, including cinemas and showrooms.

The next phase of deconfinement was announced by Quebec public health director Horacio Arruda this morning, including allowing indoor gatherings of up to 50 people, and new physical distancing guidelines.

As of June 22, up to 50 people will be allowed to participate in indoor gatherings across Quebec. In places where people are seated — including classrooms, CEGEPs, universities, showrooms and cinemas — 1.5 metres of physical distancing should be respected. For common areas where people are mobile, the two-metre rule remains, and face coverings are also strongly recommended.

“Washing hands, wearing face covering and social distancing remain very important,” Horacio Arruda said.

While Arruda and Quebec senior public health advisor Richard Massé specifically mentioned that this new government directive could allow the reopening of cinemas, showrooms and theatres — they were asked specifically about Place des Arts — whether these venues will want to reopen with only 50 people remains to be seen. After being asked about places of worship, Massé and Arruda said that the 1.5-metre rule would not apply to services, ceremonies or shows involving singing.

Meanwhile, physical distancing for children and teenagers aged 16 or less has been reduced from two metres to one. Two metres of physical distance between teacher and child is still recommended, however.

“No child was vastly affected by the disease, the symptoms were light, similar to a cold or flu,” Arruda said. ■

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