Ideas for a Fun Night out With Friends

Some great options that include karaoke and poutine.

You’ve managed to get through the slog of the weekly 9 to 5. You’re ready to unwind and have a little fun. It’s Friday and the customary weekend night out with friends is coming up. 

There’s just one little problem. You’ve run out of ideas on what to do and the standard drinks or night at the usual restaurant just doesn’t cut it this time. To add a little something different to your tradition, here are 5 (+1) ideas for a fun night out in Montreal with friends. 


Whether it’s 90s Britpop, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, or your favourite Disney tune, karaoke is your opportunity to unleash the Grammy-winning tunes that could have been. You can either rent a booth for your friends only, or go to an open karaoke night. 

Montreal has several cool options. We like: 

  • Pang Pang. Right in the heart of the city, Pang Pang has private rooms available and the design is based on the traditional South Korean standard
  • Astral 2000. This francophone karaoke bar is popular with people finishing a hard day at work. Drinks are cheap, the atmosphere relaxed, and you’ll get the chance to sing the familiar classics. 
  • Le Date. This place is for those of you who are either very confident about your singing ability, or just don’t care what others think. Le Date films every performance (only with your permission, of course) and uploads them for the world to see the next day. The best (or worst?) thing ever. 

Casino Night 

There’s nothing quite like a casino night with friends. It’s got the glitz, the glamour, and there’s a chance you’ll walk away just that little bit richer. And you don’t even need to spend a fortune. Look up the casino ahead of time and ensure the minimum bet is something that is palatable to your wallet. Take advantage of the free drinks. Enjoy the free food over a ball game. Going to the casino is more than just slots and table games. 

Of course, you may have to wait a while to experience the real deal. A spokesperson at Playcasinos said that many land casinos in Canada are closed until further notice due to Covid-19. Yes, that even includes the Montreal Casino, the biggest in Canada. Until then, poker night on Zoom? 

Midnight Dollar Cinema 

Remember when you used to head to the Dollar Cinema back when you were a teenager? Nights were ridiculously fun, everything was uber cheap, and you just had a great time because you were with your friends. 

Why not recreate it with a midnight visit to the Dollar Cinema? The usual screenings start around 11:30 pm. Bear in mind that movies are usually a little older than the latest releases (there’s a reason it costs just a buck!), but on the flip side, it gives you a chance to catch the ones you missed when they first came out. 

Catch a Meteor Shower 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a city dweller, accustomed to that busy urban life. To get away from the stress of a life that moves too quickly, think about catching a meteor shower (or other celestial events) with your friends. 

Sea and Sky have a calendar of events for the next few years. Pick one that sounds interesting (even your standard full moon is pretty cool!), grab a few drinks and deck chairs, and enjoy the view. If the weather is decent, why not make it a camping weekend? 

(Board) Game Night 

It’s fun to stay in every once in a while. To avoid hustle and bustle overload, considering hosting a game night every month. It’s an opportunity to chill out, eat takeaway pizza, and have a few drinks with friends. The board game can either just be the excuse to get together, or a proper fight to win if your friendship group is a little more competitive! 

Our favourite games at the minute are Settlers of Catan, Exploding Kittens, and Cards Against Humanity. The first is your traditional board game, the second a lighthearted card game, and the last is guaranteed to get a few belly laughs. Before the coronavirus hit we quite liked Pandemic, but it’s currently just a little too close to reality! 

Finish the Night with Poutine! 

Okay, okay. This last suggestion makes it ridiculously obvious that we’re Canadians. But when it comes to Poutine, we’re Canucks and proud! La Banquise is a popular option because it’s open all night. No matter what time is, wherever you’ve been, or who your friends are, the best way to end a night is by sharing some poutine. 

Just remember: it’s all about being together. It’s cheesy, but it’s important to cherish the opportunities you get to spend time with those close to you. If there is anything Covid-19 has done, is that it puts things into perspective.