Hana Tajima changing bodies uniqlo 2020

Photos by Uniqlo

The Hana Tajima culturally inclusive Uniqlo line adapts to body changes

The “Changing Bodies” collection is now available online.

U.K.-born designer Hana Tajima has just launched her new collection at Uniqlo for Spring/Summer 2020. The goal of this season was to create clothes that can adapt to subtle changes in women’s bodies over time, hence the collection’s name, “Changing Bodies.”

Hana Tajima changing bodies uniqlo 2020

“Our bodies are not static; they grow, change and move. We know this because we feel the subtle differences from day to day. I want to design clothing that embraces these changes. To bring life and joy back into the way we dress. To let each piece be a cherished companion to the wearer. By creating adjustable details, loose and beautifully proportioned silhouettes, these pieces have been made to adapt and fit our bodies every day.”

Hana Tajima on her “Changing Bodies” collection with Uniqlo

The collection includes 40 pieces, with a complete range of dresses, tops and tunics, pants and skirts, outerwear and accessories. As always with Hana Tajima, the collection aims to be as inclusive as possible across all ages, cultures and religious beliefs (there’s even an Airism hijab, available in black, white and pink). Some of our favourite pieces are the Airism high-neck T-shirt ($19.90), rayon tie back blouse ($39.90), dobby long sleeve blouse ($29.90), wide ankle-length pants ($29.90), rayon tie back long sleeve dress ($49.90) and square stole ($19.90).

Hana Tajima changing bodies uniqlo 2020

The culturally inclusive “Changing Bodies” collection by Hana Tajima launched online this morning at Uniqlo Canada. Happy shopping! Stay safe. ■

For more details, please visit the Uniqlo Canada website.

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