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Ben Mulroney quits Etalk to fight systemic racism in TV

This follows the cancellation of Mulroney’s wife Jessica.

Today on CTV Your Morning, Ben Mulroney announced that he decided to leave CTV’s nightly entertainment news show Etalk after 18 years in an effort to combat systemic racism in television.

“Last Saturday, I watched on CTV as my colleagues led a national conversation about how we can take action against systemic racism,” Ben Mulroney said. “That conversation showed me more than ever that we need more black voices, more indigenous voices, more people of colour in the media as well as every other profession. And that is why I’ve decided to immediately step away from my role as anchor of Etalk, to create space for a new perspective and a new voice.”

This follows the “cancellation” of his wife Jessica Mulroney on social media after she was called out for trying to sabotage a Black Instagram influencer’s career by suing her for libel.

Ben Mulroney will continue to co-host CTV Your Morning with Anne-Marie Mediwake.

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