7 Reasons To Study in Quebec

Lower tuition, better cost of living and more.

Quebec is an affordable, lively, and multicultural province that’s bound to provide you with the best student experience possible. You get to live a French life without being in France; you get to enjoy picturesque landscapes, quality life, international exposure, and cultural cacophony, what more can you ask for.  World-renowned universities, low living costs, and affordable tuition fees make Quebec one a favorable study destination for international students.

Study Both French and English

Studying in Quebec means getting a chance to study in a multilingual province.  English and French are both official languages in Quebec and are spoken across the province and in other Canadian provinces. But you can easily survive to study abroad in Quebec by speaking and communicating in English.

There are so many English speaking universities in Quebec that offer English-taught degrees for all Bachelor’s, Masters and even Ph.D. levels. Being in an English environment such as this can make studying very easy.

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There are also lots of English colleges in Quebec that offer students diplomas in any field of study they desire. However, while studying in Quebec, you can take advantage of French courses and learn some French or improve your French language skills.

Have the best quality of life in a safer country (Canada)

One of the advantages of living in Canada is, it’s one of the safest countries in the world- it has a low crime rate. Global News ranked Canada as the second country in the world, featuring the highest quality of life, based on its social progress and development.

Cost of Living in Ontario vs. Quebec

Quebec is one of the most affordable cities in Canada for students compared to Ontario.  The cost of living in most of the cities in Quebec fall under the national average. This means that students can maximize their savings by selecting a city that has a lower living cost.  Accommodation, transportation, food, daily expenses, and other living cost are lower in most cities in Quebec.

One of the best places to live in Quebec is Laval, which is located 30 km northwest of Montreal.  It’s one of the larger cities in Quebec and has a living cost of 9%, which is below the national average.  Another affordable city in Quebec is Sherbrooke (famously known as the student town).

Sherbrooke has a population of over 40,000 students spread across eight institutions. This city is so famous among students because it’s very affordable. Its cost of living is 15.6%, which is below the national average.

Affordable Tuition Fees

Compared to other provinces in Canada, Quebec has a significantly low international tuition fee.  Tuition fees in Quebec are 20 to 25 percent lower, with an average of CAD$6,000–7,000 per semester.  Because Canadian tuition fees are usually lower than other famous international study destinations like the UK or US, Quebec is the most popular and affordable study destination for international students.

Job Offer After Graduation

Studying in Quebec can lead to a job after graduation.  Most of the companies in Quebec and Canada are constantly searching for new talented employees.  Working in Quebec will give you a chance to make yourself some extra money immediately after you finish studying. Also, you stand a chance of being a permanent residence if your company sponsors you. As a result, you get to save money during the immigration process.

Globally Recognized universities and Colleges

Quebec has universities and colleges that are globally recognized for their education. Not only do they have a long history of academic excellence but also a high graduate employability rate. In fact, Quebec has two educational institutions that compete with the famous and leading university from the UK and the US. These two are namely McGill University and Université de Montréal. Other universities found in Quebec include Bishop’s university, HEC Montreal, Universite de Laval, and Concordia.

Picturesque Cities

Quebec is worldwide, renowned for its picturesque cities. The city of Montreal is immersed in vibrant local art scenes for its residents and visitors. There are a lot of events and festivals that take place in Quebec province where visitors and residents can witness great artists display their art in various exhibitions, metro stations, on streets, and other areas.  Apart from these, you’ll get to visit hundreds of museums, beautiful Canadian and French architectural constructions, historical places, and art galleries in Quebec.

Quebec truly captures all the ingredients to help you attain whatever you have planned for your future successful career:  affordable tuition fees, diverse cultural life, safe and diverse environment, and quality life.  So, find the perfect diploma or degree in Quebec and pack your bags for an adventure of a lifetime.