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REVIEW: Various, Pandemic Artifact Compilation

“This is designed for the here and now, a footnote of how fucked we

Various, Pandemic Artifact Compilation (independent)

The creative process continues even in isolation, as evidenced by this sprawling local compilation of tracks made since the beginning of our endtimes, curated by Montreal music mixologist Honeydrip. With no shows or residencies on the horizon and everything else cloaked in uncertainty, these 15 experimental, electronic producers run the gamut of emotions in their homecooked art, with afterhours callbacks («Ghouls») to remind us of better days to meditative house («Homesick») to get us through the current ones. This is designed for the here and now, a footnote of how fucked we are. It’s pay what you can, so drop some bucks. 8.5/10 Trial
Track: “Droplet Cloud”

Pandemic Artifact Compilation Bandcamp

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