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REVIEW: Peel Dream Magazine, Agitprop Alterna

Agitprop Alterna’s walls of buzzing guitars, mad-scientist synths and buried sing-songy vocals are hard to resist.

Peel Dream Magazine, Agitprop Alterna (Slumberland)

NYC-based Peel Dream Magazine’s first album Modern Meta Physic drew immediate comparisons to Stereolab based mainly on its motorik rhythms and breathy, intertwined male-female vocals. Those elements are definitely still very much at play in Agitprop Alterna, which nevertheless boasts a more pronounced shoegaze influence on several tracks. The emphasis this time, however, is dreamier and less dependent on the staccato rhythms of Autobahn-friendly drum patterns. Its walls of buzzing guitars, mad-scientist synths and buried sing-songy vocals will be nothing new to anyone who lived through the ’90s, but as far as pastiche goes, this is hard to resist. 7/10 Trial Track: “Emotional Devotion Creator”

“Emotional Devotion Creator” from Agitprop Alterna by Peel Dream Magazine

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