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Legault urges Quebecers to wear masks as COVID-19 recoveries hit 10K

“I ask all Quebecers, in Montreal and the rest of Quebec as well, when you leave the house, put on a mask.”

Quebec Premier François Legault wore a mask walking into this afternoon’s briefing, and after removing it he began his daily comments by urging all Quebecers to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is what he describes as the third, least important safety directive — after keeping two metres away from others and washing your hands with soap frequently — but one that is still vitally important in flattening the curve.

“Mrs. Bergeron gave me this mask — she’s the woman who sent me this as a gift, and it’s handmade,” Legault said. “You don’t need to have a mask like the people in hospitals do it can be homemade mask, or some call it a face covering. The mask is to protect others, it’s not to protect ourselves, so if we speak or even worse, cough, and we don’t have the time to cough into your elbow, as happens with myself from time to time, the mask will prevent you from contaminating others. It’s a question of respect. I can even have very positive effects for the spreading of colds and flu, so when you get a virus, if we respect other people — our friends or neighbours or parents — and we don’t want to contaminate them with a virus, we can put on a mask to protect others. Obviously if everybody wears it then everybody’s protected and we will find ourselves in the situation that’s ideal.

“We will get used to it,” he added. “It’s a good habit that will allow us to more quickly come back to a more normal life. It’s very important to do this and I recommend it. I ask all Quebecers, in Montreal and the rest of Quebec as well, when you leave the house, put on a mask. If you go see your mother, if you go into a store and certainly if you take public transportation, wear a mask. I hope to see as many Quebecers as possible throughout the province wear a mask.”

Legault also announced that there have been 118 new deaths in Quebec due to COVID-19 / Coronavirus, bringing the total up to 3,131. 113 of the 118 deaths came from Greater Montreal. The total amount of COVID-19 cases in Quebec has increased today by 756 to 39,225. For the latest breakdown of COVID-19 / Coronavirus cases across the province, please click here. ■

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