New Quebec guidelines for gatherings; beauty, body care services to open

“We’re thinking specifically about barbecues.”

Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault just explained the new guidelines for gatherings in Quebec, in effect this Friday, May 22. While these gathering regulations do increase the limit of people that can assemble, they still specify that gatherings should occur outside, with social distancing measures in place.

“It will be possible to have outside gatherings with certain important conditions in place in Quebec: there will have to be a maximum of 10 people from a maximum of three households, always outside of your home, whether in courtyards or in parks or other spaces. We’re thinking specifically about barbecues, or the wish that we have to be able to invite people over to our home.

“Children from three families could get together and play in the backyard of one of those families, on a side street or an alley,” Guilbault said. She noted that both adults and children may have to enter a home at some point to use a washroom in these scenarios, but that indoor gatherings are still forbidden and physical distancing must be respected as much as possible.

Quebec will also be opening body care and beauty care services including hairdressers, beauty salons and dental clinics on June 1 outside of Montreal and Joliette. Dates for the reopening of these businesses in Montreal and Joliette are still to be announced.

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New Quebec guidelines for gatherings; beauty, body care services to open, including hairdressers, beauty salons and dental clinics