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Montrealers can finally get a massage on June 1

Massage therapy, along with other professional and therapeutic health care services, will resume on Monday.

While the date for the reopening of hair and beauty salons in the city is still unknown, professional and therapeutic health care services such as massage have the green light to resume in Quebec, including Montreal, on June 1.

As with retail, not all businesses will be ready or able to reopen on day one. Montreal massage therapy clinic Lanna Thai is choosing to reopen on June 15, despite having already completed special training and acquired PPE, based on government directives and the recommendations of Soins Personnels Quebec (SPQ).

“Therapists will wear either a lab coat or uniform that will be changed after each session, as well as face protection and a mask,” says Lanna Thai’s Camille Massalve. “Because we’re not using oils and lotions, we will not be wearing disposable aprons. For the client, the mask is mandatory.”

The SPQ confirmed that all aesthetic services, whether in multi-service spas or single-service salons, will be available in Quebec on June 1 but only outside of Montreal and Joliette.

Soins Personnels Quebec (SPQ) website.

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