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Justin Trudeau on the importance of global cooperation to fight COVID-19

“Canada will be there to help lead the way forward.”

Ahead of his meeting on Thursday with the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about the economic challenges that the world has endured due to COVID-19 and how global cooperation is key to resolving these issues.

“For so many, this pandemic is devastating,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. “More than 300 million people around the world will be out of work and more than 30 million people will be pushed into extreme poverty. We can’t wait for others to act — it’s not in our self interest and it’s just not who we are. We can and we must seize the opportunity to do what we can to make people safer and more prosperous. To create an international system that recognizes who is left behind and strives to lift them up. This is no small task but I know we’re up to it. Canada is ready to do our part as we help bring the world together in the fight against COVID-19.

“On Thursday, I will be convening a high-level meeting with the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Prime Minister of Jamaica to consider global economic challenges and how to better support developing countries. We are bringing together leaders from every region of the world as well as the heads of international institutions to work on shared strategies to protect the global economy, support our citizens and help the most vulnerable. I have been speaking to many leaders about these issues, and about the importance of global cooperation. This includes Chancellor Merkel from Germany and President Macron of France, just yesterday, and leaders from the Caribbean, and from across Africa, Latin America and the Pacific. International financial experts like Canada’s own Mark Carney are getting involved, too. To address this pandemic, to keep people safe and help our economies weather the storm, we need to collaborate. With this forum, Canada will be there to help lead the way forward.”

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