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Reopening of Montreal businesses and schools postponed

A shortage of frontline medical staff means that the city couldn’t handle significant outbreaks.

In this afternoon’s press conference, Quebec Premier François Legault announced the postponement of the reopening of businesses, elementary schools and daycares in the greater Montreal area from May 11/19 till May 25.

“Today we’re saying that the conditions to reopen in Montreal have not been met, so we decided to delay the reopening of businesses, daycare centres and schools until May 25. This will happen only if the conditions are met before May 25. If we want to return to a more normal life, we must stay very disciplined.”

Alongside public health director Horacio Arruda and treasury council chair Christian Dubé, Legault laid out new incentives for frontline health care workers to work full time or return to work — a staff shortage in Montreal was cited as the main reason for the delay.

“When we look at the situation in the greater Montreal area we have about 1,000 beds and all the protective material is available, but the biggest challenge right now remains the lack of staff in our health system. We are facing a challenge to increase the number of employees. Today we are missing 11,600 (health care workers), and 50 per cent of staff in the health network are working part time.

“As an incentive for people to come back to work and to work full time, we are announcing today a new premium of up to $1,000 above regular salaries for people who work full-time for four weeks in CHSLD’s, in senior homes, in private residences and hospitals, what we’re calling the red zones.”

Earlier this week, the reopening of retail stores had already been pushed from May 11 till May 19; now the reopening of manufacturing and construction sectors has been postponed for two weeks, from May 11 and 25, while elementary schools and daycares will see a six-day delay. ■

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