LISTEN: “OPINEL,” a new song by KROY

The Montreal artist says that her electro-pop-noir single was inspired by emerging from a depression.

In an electro-pop-noir style similar to that of her 2016 album SCAVENGER, “OPINEL,” the new song by KROY, dropped this week. The Montreal artist — who you may know as Camille Poliquin, or one half of the duo Milk & Bone — told us about the song’s origins:

“‘OPINEL’ happened in a very weird time in my growth process post-depression. My emotions were all over the place and I felt like there was nothing I could hold onto for more than a quick second. But it was also the first time I felt I wrote something that came from a place of pain, which is my favourite place of all.

“‘OPINEL’ is about trying to hold onto something you know can’t be yours; about dreading the pain  but provoking it at the same time; complaining about the drama but being the sole source of it.”

Referencing the knife that the song is named after, she added: “I love those little knives. They can be used for both a cute picnic in the park with Manchego and a Louis d’Or Deux Ans, or as a self-defence murder weapon. A very gemini accessory if you ask me.”

KROY launched the single with a live performance on Instagram on Thursday.

Listen to the song here:

KROY website.

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