Premier Quebec François Legault covid-19 deaths

99% of COVID-19 deaths in Quebec are people over 60

“On one hand, it’s reassuring for younger people but it also shows us where we have to put our attention.”

Premier François Legault just spoke about the age distribution of deaths in Quebec from COVID-19 / Coronavirus. It’s been determined that 99 per cent of deaths in Quebec from COVID-19 have been citizens over 60 years of age, with the vast majority, 90 per cent, being over 70 years old.

“On one hand, [these statistics] are reassuring for younger people but obviously it also shows us where we have to put our attention,” Premier Legault said. “Of the people who died over 60 years old, almost all had chronic illnesses. So that means if you are in good health between 60 and 69 years of age, there is no reason to worry.”

This scenario will of course continue to be a factor for the government choosing to reopen various businesses in Montreal and across the province.

“Even if people who are working in those businesses are not at risk of serious consequences following the disease, they could put other people at risk. So it is going to be very important in the coming weeks and months for all people who are younger than 60 or 70 to be very careful not to go close to the elderly. Those people who are vulnerable are the people who are older. They don’t have a [higher or lower] chance of getting infected, but there’s a higher probability that if they do get it infected, they will have more serious consequences, leading up to death. So people who are older should stay home and, unfortunately, we can’t go visit them. We can’t go closer to those people, less than two metres away, and don’t stay for a long time in their presence.” ■

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