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REVIEW: Free Nationals, Free Nationals

The Free Nationals should have released their best songs as singles and left the fat on the cutting board.

Free Nationals, Free Nationals (OBE/Empire)

The Free Nationals (hitherto better known as Anderson Paak’s band) dropped a record on the same day as the aforementioned Kaytranada LP. They would have been harder pressed than Kaytra to make any real year-end noise had this album come out even at the peak of summer, where it arguably belonged, especially given that it was announced nearly two years ago. In a year that saw .Paak himself release two less- than-critically-adored (if Grammy-approved) projects nearly back to back, his homies in FN might have helped make sense of it all. Instead, their debut as a solo satellite in his orbit plays out not unlike the Roots when they back up and cover their favourite artists: fun, but hardly critical listening. There are some nice guests and moments hcere, but frankly the Free Nats probably would have had a more lasting impact releasing the best songs here as EP singles and leaving the fat on the cutting board. 6/10 Trial Track: “Cut Me a Break” ft. TI

“Cut Me a Break” ft. TI from Free Nationals

The Free Nationals on Spotify

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