Penny Diving

Penny Diving. Photo by Étienne Paquette

The new Penny Diving video is here

Watch “Nineteen” by the Montreal trio that launched their LP Big Inhale last month.

Whether you got to know them in their previous incarnation the Muscadettes or are new to Penny Diving, this Montreal trio’s “basement dream pop” is worth a listen, and a look. Chantal and Kathleen Ambridge and Thomas Augustin (Malajube) launched their album Big Inhale last month; now they’ve released a new video.

“Nineteen” was directed by Andy Jon. Here’s what Penny Diving had to say about it:

“We wanted to make a video that had a dream-like quality but a bit eerie too. We ended up having to improvise due to unexpected issues; the location we had scouted a few days prior to shooting became an actual island and was inaccessible due to so much rainfall. The ‘statue’ scene at night was unbearably cold for me, it even started snowing while we were shooting. And then Andy almost set her apartment on fire while filming the burning rose scene (anything for the sake of art!) But she had such a clear vision for this video and really pulled it together despite all the obstacles and shit weather.”

For more info about Penny Diving, visit their Bandcamp page.

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