Basia Bulat

WATCH: The new video by Montreal’s Basia Bulat

“Already Forgiven” is the new single from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album Are You in Love?

We’re going to have to wait till March 27 for Are You in Love?, the fourth album by Montreal-based singer-songwriter Basia Bulat.

But we can preview the album via this video for one of the new songs, “Already Forgiven.”

Directed by Cult MTL arts editor Nora Rosenthal with Brian Sokolowski, the video’s dark, dreamy quality suits the song’s spectral folk sound perfectly.

Like Bulat’s last LP Good Advice, Are You in Love? was produced by Jim James (My Morning Jacket).

Bulat will play Austin’s SXSW festival in March before embarking on a North American tour throughout April and May. This includes a Montreal date on April 24 at Théâtre Fairmount.

Basia Bulat on Are You in Love?

When making this album I tried to challenge myself in ways I hadn’t before. I felt like the only way my art could grow was to open my heart to all the things I was afraid of. I wanted to write a song about one of the concepts I’ve struggled with the most since childhood, the idea of forgiveness,” Bulat says.

The word [forgiven] means something different to everyone and I have spent a long time trying to figure out what it means to me. I felt like I had been trying for many years to accept and acknowledge pain and past suffering without letting it define me or hold me back, and while writing this song I feel like I finally found a space in my mind that lets those thoughts flow like water through my hands. A place that has clarity and stillness but also moves like a breeze. And it feels like it’s always been there but the path to it is fickle and difficult—singing these lyrics for the album was one of the hardest days for me, because I really wanted to believe myself when I was singing, and that feeling determines its own schedule.” ■

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