Healthiest cocktails for 2020

A look at trendy low-calorie drinks with better ingredients.

Having healthy fun

It goes without saying that when you are looking for the healthiest cocktails, you should probably go for the non-alcoholic ones. And mocktails have become trendy over the past few years as bars have taken a wide variety into their selections. But how we can enjoy the guilty pleasure of alcoholic drinks and cocktails without wrecking our health? There are few ways to approach this dilemma: we can have cocktails with healthier ingredients or with fewer calories. Instead of going for a night out to hunt these tasty and healthy cocktails, invite friends over to try these out. Or when it’s raining sideways and you don’t feel like catching a cold, cancel the night at the casino, mix a hot immunity-boosting Goji Bomb and kick off a session of hold’em casino LIVE on your computer or smart device.

Something red and warming

When looking at the cocktail trends for 2020 there is a pretty wide variety of views on what’s hot and what’s not. It seems like classics are making a comeback so let’s start with one. A Bloody Mary is said to remove the hangover, though it can also be the cause of the hangover. This drink is healthier than many other drinks, as it usually contains tomato juice, salt, black pepper, Tabasco and lemon juice in addition to vodka. There are many variations. Celery acts as a mixing stick, giving you a snack at the same time!

If a Bloody Mary is old-school, then a Goji Bomb is for the Millenials. This red hot sweetie is great for health-conscious people as arginine from gojis relieves fatigue, boosts metabolism and boosts immune defense. If you still leave out the alcohol, the drink is a real health bomb. Heat the glass with hot water, pour it out to add a shot of pomegranate juice, hot cranberry juice, honey, lemon, goji berries, rum or gin. To keep your lips red and heart-healthy, go for a Beetroot Sangria.  It’s made from beet juice, sugar, salt, lime juice, ginger beer, red wine, brandy and Cointreau liqueur. The drink’s health is based on research showing that beetroot helps prevent coronary heart disease. Ginger has warming and flu-fighting effects so you could mix a glass of Ginger Fever by mashing cut or grated ginger with cucumber and then adding in lemon juice, honey, ice, soda water and liquor of your choice. Lastly, when talking about healthy liquids you can’t ignore the color green. Make a Green Drink by crushing about 6 grapes and then adding several mint leaves, cold green tea, honey, gin or rum.

Cocktails when counting calories

When looking to spend a healthier night partying, going for low-calorie drinks is also a good option. A good rule of thumb is to order drinks that use real whole pieces of fruit or pureed fruit. Avoid flavor syrups as they contain a tremendous amount of sugar and coloring. A Gimlet is a low-calorie drink you may not be familiar with. It contains gin and sweetened lime juice. Then just freeze and it’s ready! When it’s cold in the northern countries, oranges are in season in the south so a Mimosa works nicely as a party drink to boost the vitamin C levels. This classic brunch drink contains half sparkling wine or champagne and half orange juice. So not that sinful but insanely good.