GUDELICIOUS. Photo by Uniqlo.

UNIQLO’s celebration of Gudetama is super cute

The Gudelicious collection will launch online on December 30th.

Gudelicious. Photo by Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s latest collaboration is upon us and it’s interestingly odd. The collection is called Gudelicious and it’s based on the cute Japanese cartoon character Gudetama. Originally produced by Sanrio (the company behind Hello Kitty) in 2014, Gudetama’s English translation is “lazy egg,” which therefore explains the tired look on its face. While Japenese people are known to be hard-working, the character partly symbolizes the “laziness” of millennials. The popularity of Gudetama has spread worldwide, and the character is now a symbol of Kawaii culture.

Gudelicious. Photo by Uniqlo

The collection, designed for women, includes six T-shirts ($14.90) in white, black, cream, beige and pink. Each tee has a different design depicting Gudetama as various food items. You can see the lazy egg depicted on pizza, noodles, fried rice, in a sandwich and, lastly, on toast with bacon and sausages. While the meaning behind the character may be quite cynical, the designs are still extremely cute. And who doesn’t feel lazy some days?

The collection is available for purchase online starting Monday, Dec. 30. You can also check the Uniqlo website for more details. We hope you enjoy the lazy egg!

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