A line-up at the SQDC

The SQDC proposes same-day cannabis delivery in Montreal

4:20 within 24 hours.

It looks like Montreal weed smokers and cannabis pill poppers may soon be able to get their goods from the SQDC a lot more quickly. The Société québécoise du cannabis is hoping to launch a pilot program to deliver packages within 24 hours of online orders being placed, up from the one- to three-day wait that’s currently promised.

If implemented — the SQDC is first launching a call for tenders to see if this is feasible with their current technology — the six- to nine-month experiment would deliver roughly 400 packages on the island of Montreal.

But in case you though this was just a customer service upgrade, the actual goal of this endeavour is to curb the illegal cannabis sales from resale sites that deliver more quickly than the SQDC. As SQDC spokesman Fabrice Giguère told CTV News in their report this morning, part of the crown corporation’s mandate is “to migrate the black market to the legal market.”

Other aspects of the SQDC’s system of cannabis delivery and sales would remain unchanged: the maximum amount of cannabis that you can buy in store or order online is 30 grams, and both delivery couriers and store cashiers consistently verify IDs — the CAQ recently raised the legal age for cannabis purchases from 18 to 21. ■