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11 Montrealers are getting Order of Canada honours today

An actor, a filmmaker, a crime novelist, a mathematician and a patron of the arts from this city are among the 39 inductees.

Actor William Shatner, filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin and crime novelist/forensic anthropologist Kathleen Reichs are being honoured in Ottawa this morning with the prestigious order of Canada, along with 8 other Montrealers.

The 39 inductees from all over the country will become either Companions, Officers or Members of the Order of Canada — Obomsawin and Montreal mathematician Robert Phelan Langlands will be Companions, the highest of the three levels. Shatner, who’s being honoured both for acting and charitable work, and François Crepeau, for contributions to international law and human rights, will be Officers.

Alanis Obomsawin

The other Montrealers in the group, all becoming Members, are patrons of the arts Jean Andre Elie, communications industry pro Serge Gouin, decision-science researcher Gilbert Laporte, human rights lawyer/judge Joseph Robert Nuss, neurochemist/animal rights advocate/Polish-Canadian community organizer Hanna Maria Pappius, administrator and economic adviser Henri-Paul Rousseau and the aforementioned author/anthropologist Kathleen (aka Kathy) Reichs.

Here is a list of all the other inductees, from a report by Canadian Press:


Donald McNichol Sutherland, of Saint John, N.B., for acting and international promotion of Canada


Ann-Marie MacDonald, of Toronto, for writing and promoting LGBTQ+ and women’s rights

Peter Suedfeld, of Vancouver, for research in psychological responses to harsh environments

Ian E. Wilson, of Ottawa, for service to Library and Archives Canada and the preservation of history


Kathy Reichs

Shelley Ann Marie Brown, of Saskatoon, for trailblazing for women in accounting

Raymond J. Cole, of Vancouver, for research and education in environmentally responsible architecture

Patrick Ralph Crawford, of Winnipeg, for improving the practice and promoting the history of dentistry

Joanne Cuthbertson and Charles Fischer, of Calgary, for philanthropy and promoting education, children’s health, the arts and responsible business

Thomas Ralston Denton, of Winnipeg, for championing refugees and immigrants

Claire Deschenes, of Quebec City, for trailblazing for women in engineering

Lyse Doucet, of Bathurst, N.B. and London, U.K., for international journalism

Edna Agnes Ekhivalak Elias, of Qurluqtuq, Nunavut, for preserving Inuit language and culture as commissioner of Nunavut

Ann McCain Evans, of Florenceville-Bristol, N.B., for philanthropy and volunteerism

David Glenn Fountain, of Halifax, for philanthropy and fundraising, especially for education and health care

John Ferguson Godfrey, of Toronto, for public service as a politician, educator and environmentalist

Barbara Jackman, of Toronto, for championing refugees and immigrants

Christina Jennings, of Toronto, for work in film and television (and creating “Murdoch Mysteries”)

Andy Jones, of St. John’s, N.L., for acting and authorship of children’s books

Bengt Jorgen, of Toronto, for promoting and teaching ballet

Robert Korneluk, of Ottawa, for research in molecular genetics and immunotherapy

Walter J. Learning, of Fredericton, for service to theatre as an actor, director and writer

James Lockyer, of Toronto, for championing the wrongly convicted

Brenda Harris Singer, of Toronto, for promoting community-based mental-health services

Arthur Slutsky, of Toronto, for medical research and as a hospital administrator

Dorothy E. Smith, of Vancouver and Toronto, for advancing feminism in the study of sociology

Allan H. Wachowich, of Edmonton, for service as a lawyer, judge and community volunteer

John Wade, of Winnipeg, for contributions to medical education and practice