We rated the pairings at Montreal’s new wine bar vinvinvin

Our resident sommelier Claude Boileau and food blogger Tommy Dion checked out Vinvinvin.

vinvinvin is a new and exciting buvette de quartier open seven days a week from 3 p.m. You can go around only for a drink, wine, beer, cider and/or to eat, with seasonal, mainly locally sourced food. The kitchen is an open space with seasoned cooks. Even the bread speaks to their attention to detail — it is delish.

Speaking of wine, Vinvinvin is associated with Ward importer, with bottles offered at really appropriate prices, from Austria, Germany, parts of Eastern Europe, France, Italy, Spain and of course Canada. The wine list is divided into quite original and cool sections: pas tranquille (bubbles), emotion (foster emotions), minéral (mineral), soif (easy to drink), punk (different, cool) and joufflu (full bodied).

The service is friendly and attentive, and the space benefits from great design by Ménard Dworkind.

For fun, we rated the food and wine pairings on a scale on 1 to 5 (5 being excellent).

Pairing #1

The wine: Lieux commun ‘’patio’’ 2018, St-Paul d’Abbotsford, Quebec: a red pét-nat (pétillant naturel, a simple production method for sparkling wine) made from Frontenac noir and gris, Vidal. This project of four young wine geeks from Montreal is dry and easy to drink.

The plate: baloney sandwich with mustard and lemon.

The pairing: The acidity of the wine balances perfectly with both the fat and the saltiness of the meat. One does not overpower the other.

Tom: Quebec has nothing to envy Émilie-Romagne, with charcuteries from Bologne, Lambrusco). Red pét-nat and baloney is a winner! 3.5

Claude: A cool pairing. Delish, pure pleasure! 4

Pairing #2

The wine: Binner les saveurs; Sylvaner, Chasselas, Riesling: lots of yellow apple flavour, with a real sense of the terroir.

The plate: zucchini flower stuffed with ricotta, cherry tomatoes, peas and candied onions.

The pairing: The pleasant style of the wine pairs so well with the zucchini flower.

Tom: Summer’s perfect. 4.5

Claude: Attitude, grace, harmony of flavours balances well with the charm and complexity of the wine. 4

Pairing #3

The wine: Zieireisen “viviseer” 2016; Chasselas (Gutedel), Baden, Allemagne: lightly smoky, nutty flavours, mineral — truly a symphony in the mouth!

The plate: Turbot roasted in cucumber juice and green onion oil, yogurt, minced cucumbers, northern shrimp.

The pairing: Great wine, great plate!

Tom: A plate with fresh ingredients, elegant wine. It’s a refined yet simple pairing. 4

Claude: A quintessential feast for the senses. 4.5

We highly recommend this new spot, it’s truly an experience. ■


1290 Beaubien E.

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