Profound Lore's Abyssal

Two Montreal venues are in party mode

Anniversary shows are happening at two sweet punk/rock spots, plus more great gigs this week.

Phew! Pouzza is over and word has it that the free show at Pouzza HQ by partymeister Andrew WK was (as the young people say) off the chain. I of course didn’t go as I hate partying, but this week has got a little bit of something for everybody including a quick announcement for some local buds who will help celebrate 19 years of l’Esco, while the kids who are still wet behind the ears, Turbo Haüs, dig in deep for six years of providing a stage for punkers. Anniversaries aside, though, the real gig of the week features some killer black metal/doom/death sent directly from the United Kingdom.

Thursday: Whoa, here’s a speedy one. Plants and Animals just announced they will be playing the cozy confines of l’Esco, who celebrate 19 years of sheer radness tonight. By the time you read this, it could already be sold out so if you can make it down early to try and squeeze in, you better jump. I would suggest you check to see if tickets are available before you get all gussied up in your Saturday night searsucker special. 4461 St-Denis, 8 p.m., price not listed

If you dig your swinging guitars and screams that sound more like high pitched whining, you will want to make it to le Ritz for the metalcore bill of Seeyouspacecowboy, Wristmeetrazo, Kennedynoise and the one band that has a fully functioning space bar, Modern Eyes. Is the space bar the ballroom dancing of 2019? 179 Jean Talon W., 7 p.m., $17

In more metal news, you can see the young pimply-faced hopefuls strut their metal best at the En Route Vers Heavy Montreal gig at Katacombes with Inner Turmoil, Penny for the Selfless, End to End, Saguine Glacialis and Vocyfer Ium. 1635 St-Laurent, 7 p.m., $5

Friday: Not only is l’Esco celebrating their 19th anniversary, but the young punker/hesher bucks behind Turbo Haüs are celebrating their sixth (at their third location). You can hoop and holler along with the Greys and Jesus Horse. Bonus is I will be on the bar side blasting the best of the punk rawks and other shit after the gig. 2040 St-Denis, 7 p.m., $13

Saturday: If you didn’t get your punk rock fill at Pouzza last weekend, you can keep getting sloppy at the world’s greatest bar, Barfly, and catch la Gachette, Now Future and the punktastically named Up Yours. Will Chan man give it up a thumbs up? Only time will tell. 4062A St-Laurent, 9 p.m., $5

Sunday: Remember the bass dude Metallica who was not the God who walked on two legs (which tucked into flare pants) and not the crab walk surfer dude? Nah, neither do I but apparently his gig before jamming with those Bay Area humps was with Flotsam and Jetsam. And truth be told, if you dug Metallica’s more thrashy and humbler beginnings (and who the fug doesn’t?) you will definitely want to see these aging thrashers with Ashes of Eden at Foufs. 87 Ste-Catherine E., 7 p.m., $25

Monday: For you weirdos seething for some lo fi art damaged noise punk you will want to get your ears seared at Sala for U.K.’s Guttersnipe with fellow limeys with a heart of gold Slaylor Moon and Maskara and Alex Moskos. 4848 St-Laurent, 9 p.m., $10

Tuesday: Who can’t get into an experimental music series that uses “free pool table” as their come hither? Eardrum Buzz settles into their 38th edition with the modular synths of Idoru. The real treat about Eardrum Buzz is to expect the unexpected, but remember: it starts at 6:30 and ends at 7:30, so don’t be a Johnson come lately. This all lovingly happens every Tuesday at Barfly and is always free. 4062A St-Laurent, 6:30 p.m., free

My big pick of the week is sure to please fans of black metal, doom and death: Profound Lore’s Abyssal will crush Katacombes with Tchornobog and local pain dealers Besalte. This will be totally fucking mighty, so if you dig heavy music…… 1635 St-Laurent, 7 p.m., $15

Wednesday: True that the blackened doom crush of Abyssal has warmed the cockles of my big-pick heart this week, but a dangerously close second would be Florida death metal legends Deicide, who prove they are still full of piss, vinegar and blasphemy with the über heavy support of Origin as well as Jungle Rot and the Absence, at l’Astral. 305 Ste-Catherine W., 6:30 p.m., $43.75

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