The Top 30 MTL Songs of 2018

Listen to the best tunes made in Montreal this year.

Jessica Moss

25. “I’ll Be There” by Michael Rault

“Timeless summer road trip bop.”

24. “The Grid” by Martyn Bootyspoon

“Humour showed up on the dancefloor in 2018.”

23. “For As Long As” by Foxtrott

“Slept on it in 2018. Just that far ahead of the game.”

22. “Seventeen” by Folly and the Hunter

“One of many acts to call it a day in 2018. Had a strong finish with Remains.”

21. “Particles” by Jessica Moss

“Exists in edited or non-edited form. Might as well go for the longer one since no matter what you’ll be stuck in a daze afterwards.”