Stickers, Metallic Paint, and Wallpics Photo Tiles:10 Wall Decor Ideas for Small Homes

Don’t think that your options are limited if your place is small. These days you can find some great home decorations that are specially designed to meet your requirements. However small your home is, it still has walls. Adequately embellished with decorative items, these walls can enhance the beauty of your home. So, scroll down […]

Don’t think that your options are limited if your place is small. These days you can find some great home decorations that are specially designed to meet your requirements. However small your home is, it still has walls. Adequately embellished with decorative items, these walls can enhance the beauty of your home. So, scroll down and unveil the ten best wall decor ideas for small homes.

Hang shelves on the walls

One of the easiest ways to make your room look prettier is to hang the shelves on the walls. Carpenters can stylishly execute this work for a small fee. Shelves will not only improve the look of your home but will also give you a chance to keep things organized and create more space in the room, thereby making it look bigger. This also gives you an opportunity to keep your books in order, save the space of your home, and save your money. You can decorate these shelves with plants, flower vases, photos, books, statuettes, and so on.

Opt for wall mounted planters

If you love greenery, then you don’t need to stick to the old ways of growing small plants in a pot and letting it sit on the windowsill or hang outside the balcony. Instead of this, you can opt for wall mounted plants that will make the interior of your home pleasant and full of positive energy. This way you not only invite nature to your home but also ensure that your room looks impressive and unique.

Get stylish high-quality wall stickers

Another way to make your small home look stunning is to use trendy wall stickers. They will let your abode look beautiful and lively. However, it is essential to understand that using the cheap and low-quality wall stickers can be bad for your interior. Cheap stickers are very hard to remove. When they are taken off forcefully, they can peel the wall paint, which leads to wall renovation. You may avoid this situation by purchasing high-quality removable wall stickers which can make your home appear delightful without damaging your walls.

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Create images on the wall with metallic paint

If you want to let your one-bedroom flat look amazing, then you definitely need to go for metallic paint. These days you can see many images created by metallic painting experts. You may even try to paint something yourself. Find some free tutorials on YouTube and learn the technique. However, it is necessary to point out that the images created by professionals look more impressive. You need to dip into your pocket for this, but this is certainly worth spending money.

Select Wallpics to celebrate your memorable moments

Now, if you are looking for something which doesn’t hurt your pocket and still looks lavish and sophisticated, then Wallpics is your best option. This is one of the most trendy and fashionable ways to create a wall photo gallery with the help of picture tiles that need no support of photo frame. You only need to download Wallpics photo tiles app from Google Play or Apple store and upload the selected pictures to place the order. You will receive the package within a few working days. You have to pay only $35 USD for a set of three photos and $9 USD for each additional photo. These ready to stick photo tiles will look amazing in all corners of your home. Furthermore, Wallpics are removable and can be used multiple times. When taken off, Wallpics photo tile neither leaves any mark nor peels off the wall paint, thereby keeping you free from wall renovation. All these things make Wallpics the most cost-effective and beautiful wall decor option for you.

Pick an embroidered rug wall hanging

This might sound a bit old-fashioned, but the fact is that the rug on the wall is something which adds elegance to your home. The embroidered rug wall hanging is costly if you go for high-quality, but you can also find some inexpensive options online. The rug on the wall makes your home artistic and shows your love for creative things. In case you are ready to spend more money on wall decors, you may look for handmade rugs. They will certainly add value to your home interior.

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Place an impressive mirror on the wall

A wall mirror is one of the most common options available for you to decorate your home, but it has its benefits. If you believe in some conventional sayings, then this will help you to ward off the evil eyes. Scientifically, the mirror placed in the right position can illuminate your room with natural light and bring rays of positive energy. You can also look for designer mirrors for walls, which will give a beautiful look to your home.

Put large-sized art on the wall

Whether you are an art lover or not, a large-scale picture or painting behind the living room couch will make your room look bigger than it is. You can find some cheap options online, but you need to make sure that you opt for the art that complements your interior.

Choose wall plates

You can opt for Bone china wall plates or multicolored wooden wall plates, it doesn’t matter. All types of wall plates wall hangings give an entrancing look to your room. You may try to make a collage from different colored plates, or you may opt for artistic plates with traditional Indian designs on it. Fortunately, these days you can find some low-priced options of the wall plates online.

Go for brass or metallic wall hanging

Brass wall hanging will mean spending a tremendous amount of money, but the look that it will give to your home is incomparable. In case you are looking for cheaper options, then you may look for non-metallic wall hangings. It is important to know that even non-metallic wall hangings will cost you quite a considerable amount of money, but definitely, they will give an elegant and magnificent look to your small home.

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All the options mentioned above are quite impressive and can help you in enhancing the look of your small-spaced home. However, one option that stands out from the others is none other than Wallpics. This is the best choice as it is unique and yet low priced. It beautifully recreates the pleasant moments of your life on the wall. So, download Wallpics photo tiles app now and place the order for your Wallpics, as this is the best of all wall decor options available in the market for small homes.