Montreal husband excited to solve decade-long household labour imbalance with $16 Mother’s Day brunch


After 10 years and three children with his wife Lily, an NDG man is looking forward to making up for a decade of domestic coasting by treating the mother of his children to all the pancakes she can eat.

When Daniel, 39, realized Mother’s Day was approaching, he knew he had to find the perfect way to show his wife how much he appreciated her.

“I thought to myself, how can I possibly express my gratitude to the woman who gave me my children?” said Daniel. “How could I even begin to thank this goddess for the immense burden of physical and emotional labour foisted upon her during each waking moment of her life, and also while she sleeps?” he went on. “In what ways might I possibly begin to repay the debt owed to her, to repent for my own complacency? How can I recognize her pain? Her sacrifice? Her isolation in this mental Guantanamo as I traipse carefree through my own existence?” he continued. “What would convey even a modicum of the reverence in my core as I consider all she endures?”

He paused briefly, looking down as if to pray, steeling himself before continuing.


Daniel went on to explain his inspiration for the powerful gift.

“I was strolling down the street and didn’t really have anything on the docket, so I started thinking about Tiger Woods,” he said. “And while I was thinking about Tiger Woods, I saw a sign in a restaurant window advertising Mother’s Day brunch,” he went on. “And then it hit me: Tiger’s physique has really changed!” he exclaimed. “It made me contemplate my own mortality and that didn’t feel good, so I started reading the sign instead,” he continued. “That’s when I remembered Lily likes pancakes, and remembering things women like is the greatest way we can honour them.”

Daniel, who humbly chooses not to involve himself in tasks such as scheduling, general organization, hands-on parenting, entertaining, gift-giving, planning things or making lists in order to honour Lily’s rightful role as “the boss,” says the key to household balance is in the little things.

“She spends so much time and energy making sure nothing is overlooked,” he said. “While she’s planning our meals, sorting our finances, remembering everyone’s birthday and caring for her ill father while working full-time, it’s my job as her partner to recognize what she needs and provide her with that,” he went on. “As I mentioned earlier, it’s pancakes.”

While the Montreal dad is confident his gesture will convey an intimate understanding of his wife’s daily struggle, he recognizes that properly appreciating her effort requires more than a single brunch reservation.

“It’s not just about calling her the boss — it’s about treating her like the boss, which is why I don’t do anything unless presented with a detailed schedule outlining my specific duties,” he explained, smiling contentedly while making a “mind blown” gesture with his hands. “Ka-blam!”

As for his own mother, Daniel revealed special plans for the woman who gave him life.

“Pancakes,” said Daniel. “Also pancakes.” ■