REVIEW: Tamara Sandor’s “Leaving Kind”

tamara-sandor-leaving-kindTamara Sandor, Leaving Kind (independent)

A year out from her last self-released collection of seven tunes, local folk songwriter Tamara Sandor releases a new record emphasizing sonic landscaping over a steadfast rhythmic approach. Sandor has the type of voice that can get listeners wrapped around her finger with some sparse, dramatic guitar chords underpinning out-of-time vocalizations. “Graham” sees the addition of trumpet noodling as Sandor cathartically repeats the name of the one who hurt her feelings. Her greatest talents shine with detailed narratives, stark imagery and the occasional bubbly pop tune (i.e. “Man of the Law”). However, “Leaving Kind” sees a great local songwriter succeeding in a new realm.


Trial Track: “Graham”

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