Watch the video for Wake Island’s “Sentimental Animals”

The Montreal duo’s self-directed video for the title track off their latest EP comes out as they’re playing a hometown show.

Wake Island pic
Wake Island

Montreal electro-pop duo Wake Island have released a brand new self-directed video for the title track of their latest EP, Sentimental Animals.

Singer Philippe Mannasseh explains the night he shot the video: “We had gone out to party and at some point, I sat in a corner and started observing the people dancing around me. My fixation with them made me feel guilty. It made me ponder upon questions of intimacy and privacy, things that I take quite seriously, but I couldn’t help but enjoy watching everyone let loose and drown in music. I suddenly had the urge to forget about my principles and dive straight into a wave of voyeurism. So I grabbed my phone, filmed everything around me for about two hours, and edited the images the next day. The impulsiveness in which this was created resembled very much how the EP was made. Nothing was calculated, it was just one of those instincts you follow and try to keep intact.”

Wake Island are playing a show tonight, Thursday, July 20 as part of the Slut Island music festival. They’ll join Gentle Mystic, Luna Li, WHOOP-Szo and DJ Iridaceae at Bar le Ritz PDB (179 Jean-Talon W.), and the show gets started at 9:15 p.m. sharp.

Check out the band’s video here: