SONG PREMIERE: “Cry Baby” by Venus

Check out this new Montreal “adult disco” band, the latest signees to Second Best Records.


Montreal record label Second Best has signed a local “adult disco” quintet called Venus. The band (Markus Stahl, Sophie Ogilvie-Hanson, Chris Steward, Helena Stahl and Paul Finckel) is unveiling the first track from their forthcoming EP just in time for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what Venus had to say about “Cry Baby”:

“‘Cry Baby’ is a song about release — musically, lyrically, and emotionally. Being vulnerable and honest is very important to me, both in my songwriting and in my relationships with friends and partners. While these attempts have definitely backfired, ultimately they have allowed me to better understand my own needs and value my emotions.

“In a slight moment of desperation I quickly wrote the lyrics and a harmonic sketch. I liked the idea of setting sappy, gloomy lyrics to an upbeat pop tune, and my bandmates helped me realize this vision with a warm instrumentation and arrangement. ‘Cry Baby’ was a way of recognizing my hurt feelings while poking fun at them, and dancing instead of sulking.”

Listen to the track here: