REVIEW: Thee Oh Sees’ “An Odd Entrances”

The San Francisco garage rock band keeps it fresh on their 18th release.

Thee Oh Sees, An Odd Entrances (Castle Face)

thee-oh-seesGoing into your 18th release as a band, you need to keep pushing the envelope and Thee Oh Sees certainly push it on their companion piece to their Aug. 2016 release A Weird Exits. Beyond the sonic power of their new second drummer, it’s classic Thee Oh Sees melding retro tones and mixing punk and pop sensibilities with their own off-kilter style. Short, the album mixes instrumentals into its brief 30 minutes, to varying degrees of success, with their experimental merits suffering from overdrawn length. The sophistication of the musicianship and songwriting, both on a creative and technical level, is unfortunately held back by an occasional lack of focus. 7/10 Trial Track: “At the End, On the Stairs”