The Top 30 MTL Songs of 2016

Listen to the best tunes made in Montreal this year.

Little Scream
Little Scream

10. “I’m Free” by Un Blonde

“I’m surprised and delighted that Un Blonde’s spirituals received some unexpected critical acclaim this year.”

9. “Amerika” by Wintersleep

“A big theme, big riff anthem that would’ve been a smash in ’90s Ameri(c)a.”

8. “Lush” by Heat

“A late, great entry from an early 2017 contender. Susil Sharma is getting gravelly like Mike Ness.”

7. “Love As A Weapon” by Little Scream

“As close as we’ll get to a Prince tribute on this list.”

6. “Nostos” by Jean-Michel Blais (feat. Bufflo)

“Blais’s piano is calm sailing, while Bufflo is the massive iceberg hiding just below the surface.”