The Top 30 MTL Songs of 2016

Listen to the best tunes made in Montreal this year.

Wolf Parade 2015
Wolf Parade

15. “Brown Baby” by Brown

“Broke my own rule since there’s Dead Obies coming up, but I can’t pretend like I didn’t have this song’s hook stuck in my head for most of 2016.”

14. “Automatic” by Wolf Parade

“A no-frills re-introduction to one of Montreal’s finest bands.” (Alternate: “Blue Wave” by Operators.)

13. “Why I Love You” by CRi (feat. Ouri and Odile M.)

“Love isn’t always instant — sometimes it blooms after the perfect gradual build-up.”

12. “Mirror Held to the Flower” by Vesuvio Solo

“I’ve noticed that some love song lyrics from yesteryear that I used to enjoy can sound a little stalker-y today.”

11. “Pale Mal” by Poirier (feat. Fwonte)

“Dancehall had a big 2016, meaning Poirier and his collaborators were way ahead of the curve. As usual.”