The Top 30 MTL Songs of 2016

Listen to the best tunes made in Montreal this year.

Alaclair Ensemble

20. “Cruising With You” by Heartstreets

“OVO with much-needed warmth.”

19. “La Fin” by Misc

“There’s a part in the video where everyone spontaneously applauds. I headbanged.”

18. “Splendid Blaze” by Omegas

“Dedicated to the Robillard Building, Park and Lavanderia, and the bando on Parc.” (Alternate: Every other song on Power to Exist, because they’re all about a minute long.)

17. “Ça que c’tait” by Alaclair Ensemble

“Lamborghini Mercy dans les bois. Was not expecting Joe Clark shade from a posse cut in 2016.”

16. “Villeray” by Nennen

“My favourite slow burn of 2016 — a mountain view filling up with fog.”