REVIEW: Green Day’s “Revolution Radio”

The Cali punk band’s 10th album is a little cringe-worthy.

green-day-revolutionGreen Day, Revolution Radio (Reprise)

Ever since two lukewarm rock albums with vivid narratives brought the pop-punk pioneers to the Broadway stage, Green Day have been trying to return to their roots with quick-witted pop songs. Where Uno, Dos and Tre suffered from bland songwriting and slick production, Revolution Radio showcases an unconvincing Billie Joe Armstrong desperately clinging to youth with cringe-worthy attempts at political commentary and frightening middleschool-choir-level vocal fills. Clean production makes an unwanted return to deflate every guitar punch and drum fill. As is the case with many punk bands, the evolution from raw youth to refined, radio friendly — in this case Broadway friendly — cleanliness has completely sucked the life out of Green Day, leaving them far from anything revolutionary. 3/10 Trial Track: “Bang Bang” (Donovan Burton) Green Day play with openers Against Me! at the Bell Centre (1909 Avenue des Canadiens de Montréal) on Wednesday, March 22, 7:30 p.m., $52.25-$94.50