5 highlights of the Festival TransAmériques

The 10th edition of FTA brings dance and theatre shows, parties, film screenings, panels and workshops, from May 26 to June 8.

Stewart Legere photo by Mel Hattie

Stewart Legere. Photo by Mel Hattie

The 10th edition of Festival TransAmériques brings some fine dance and theatre shows to Montreal stages, along with parties, film screenings, panels and workshops, from May 26 to June 8. Look for more festival preview coverage at cultmontreal.com in May. For now, here are some highlights from this year’s program:

The Black Piece

Usine C (1345 Lalonde), May 27–28

Belgian-Dutch choreographer Ann Van den Broek explores darkness and eroticism in this dance ensemble piece described as “an extreme sensory adventure.”

Judson Church Is Ringing in Harlem (Made-to-Measure)

Monument National (1182 St-Laurent), May 29–30

NYC choreographer Trajal Harrell returns to FTA after last year’s Antigone Sr. with a minimal show that unites post-modern dance, a funereal chorus and flamboyant voguers, as well as poignant moments in the history of LGBT and African American cultures.

Let’s Not Beat Each Other to Death

Espace GO (4890 St-Laurent), May 30–June 1

Halifax actor, musician and singer Stewart Legere responds to the 2012 murder of a gay activist in his city with this theatrical, sometimes musical meditation on tragedy, rage and love.

Louise Lecavalier & Robert Abubo cr_Andre_Cornellier

Louise Lecavalier and Robert Abubo. Photo by Andre Cornellier

Mille Batailles

Monument National (1182 St-Laurent), May 31–June 2

Louise Lecavalier — the esteemed local choreographer and icon of contemporary dance since her days in La La La Human Steps (and David Bowie’s “Fame 90” video) — returns to FTA to do glorious dance battle with Robert Abubo.

The Ventriloquists’ Convention

Usine C (1345 Lalonde), May 30–31

French-Austrian artist Gisèle Vienne reenacts an actual ventriloquists’ convention she attended in Kentucky, with help from Germany’s Puppentheater Halle and a perfectly, awkwardly funny cast.

All FTA shows cost $30/$27 for people under 30 & performing arts professional/$25 seniors.

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