REVIEW: Sarah Neufeld’s “The Ridge”

The second solo album by the Arcade Fire violinist.

Sarah Neufeld, The Ridge (Paper Bag)

sarahneufeldtheridgeart-1The Arcade Fire/Bell Orchestre violinist returns with a second solo album, a marked shift from the classical minimalism of her 2013 debut Hero Brother, and last year’s collaboration with Colin Stetson. Although there are some instrumental tracks that flow directly from the vivid bow work and dramatic arcs of her previous work, the majority of these songs feature her wordless ethereal vocals, as well as drums by her Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara (who is also launching a solo album this month), making for a dynamic record full of pop flair. The Ridge is a colourful and exciting step for this blooming solo project.


Trial Track: “We’ve Got a Lot”