REVIEW: Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”

The latest record by the rapper turned celebrity that people love to love and love to hate.

Kanye West, The Life Of Pablo (GOOD)

Life of Pablo(See the track-by-track feature review of this record by Darcy MacDonald and Shash’U here.) This album coulda been called Check Your Attention Span. And that’s not a slight. The messy roll out, complete with an arena launch for an unfinished work, an SNL spaz out and a flopped streaming service release, all came off as bloated before we could even hear a note. Early reports had it that TLOP was a meandering disaster of good ideas without root. Then things calmed down and people were able to finally just listen to the results. Overnight critics called it a mess, a mixtape at best. But somewhere between a second and third listen, TLOP begins to gel. Then it sublimates into something else, entirely, an intangible representation of the age of anti-. In retrospect the bloated roll-out makes perfect sense. Kanye’s head always seems like it needs checking, but maybe we should back off him and take a look at ourselves. Pablo puts heads in check, separating the talkers from the listeners. Get him in your life and get right.


Trial Track: “FML” feat. the Weeknd