Dance for a good cause this Valentine’s Day

We spoke to the founder of WeDoSomething Montreal about their upcoming charity party Dance + Do Good.

the goods
Andy Williams and Scott C, aka the Goods

This Valentine’s Day eve, boogie your brains out for a good cause.

WeDoSomething, a local organization that plans monthly events to raise money for different charities, is taking over the Rialto with DJs the Goods (Scott C and Andy Williams) this weekend for Dance + Do Good. The money raised will go to Revivre, a non-profit that provides help for those suffering from depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

“February sucks, no matter who you are,” says WeDoSomething founder Sophie Tarnowska. “Everyone goes through the blues at this time, so I can only imagine what it’s like for someone who is struggling with serious mental issues.”

Tarnowska saw the positive, practical work being done by Revivre and felt it was important to get the word out in case people feel like they may be suffering in silence. Dancing also felt like the perfect way to spread a little joy at this time of year.

“I love the idea of dancing, it’s one of the great joys of life,” she says.

Tarnowska started WeDoSomething in response to the Syrian refugee crisis last year. She saw a number of her friends on social media unsure of how to help. There’s no lack of organizations out there that directly aid those in need, so Tarnowska felt the most effective way to contribute was by raising money.

Glitzy charity galas, she noted, are for people willing to fork over hundreds of bucks. But what about the rest of us, who can’t afford a big ticket but still want to do good?

“Just going on a charity’s website, it’s hard to part with $50. It’s a lot of money. But if you provide a dinner at a cool restaurant, then spending $50 isn’t that hard. And if it happens to help a great cause, then even better,” she says.

In October, Tarnowska cooked at a private home to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. In November, Orange Rouge opened on their off-day, with proceeds going to the Red Cross. For Christmas, they baked holiday treats for refugees at a YMCA residence.

Says Tarnowska: “I don’t want it to be about self-flagellation, as in we’re so lucky so we owe it to people. It’s just about having fun and doing something useful at the same time.” ■

Dance + Do Good with the Goods is happening at the Rialto Theatre (5711 Parc) this Saturday, Feb. 13, 9 p.m., $25/$35/$50 (choose your price)

For more information or to help out – they’re looking for coatcheck volunteers – look here or email