10 fresh bands playing M for Montreal

We asked festival programmer Mikey Bernard to recommend new bands playing M 2015, which begins on Nov. 18.



Coming to Montreal venues in late November is M for Montreal, the little local-scene-boosting industry festival
that has grown into a fun and substantial celebration of sound from this city and beyond.

The return of Grimes is the big story behind the festival’s 10th edition of the festival — the former Montrealer hasn’t played a show here since she made it big and signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label two years ago. But the raison d’être of M is to introduce festival delegates and the public to new acts, so we turned to festival programmer and Montreal scenester Mikey Bernard for 10 elevator pitches for up-and-coming bands playing M this year.

Jazz Cartier

Toronto’s finest hip hop. His G-d-up sound’s got soul made for the masses to feed on for a long time coming. A dirtier Drake from Toronto is what we’ve been waiting for and Jazz is the top candidate. Lots of F & N words. This is is my jam, man. These are his first official shows in Montreal. Crew up and get loose.

Dilly Dally

This Ontario four-piece are hands down my favourite band at M this year. It reeks of teen spirit and it’s good for your face. The best thing since Dec. 31, 1999.

Nicole Dollanganger

She’s Canadian. She’s opening up for Grimes. Get ready for Lana’s new nemesis.


Born in Montreal but based in Toronto, these three siblings have this voodoo tribal magic shit going on. They take me to that special place. Close your eyes.


Sean Leon

Yonatan Gat

This dude is surfing math rock on psychedelic wave. He’s on a record label that I worship. He’s from Israel. He plays a mean guitar and I wish I could get his hands all over my guitar.


It’s out there. M for Maritimes. Instrumental and pensive. Give it some time. It will give you some love.


KAI’s been featured on mega tracks put out by Diplo and Skrillex. After reaching millions of hits on YouTube and Soundcloud, she’s here at M for Montral to premiere her first solo show and album. She’s bringing class to the mainstream.

Sean Leon

Toronto hip hop is blowing up. There’s always that one guy in the back alley spitting mad shit. This is that guy. He’s got the juice. I love rocking my hoodie over my head and headphones while rocking his shit. Welcome to his world.


Featuring the current drummer from We Are Wolves along with his GF and another pretty woman. This new franco trio sound like a cave party with synth and glitter.


It’s no secret. Dead Obies are making noise. The guy making the beats is VNCE. Yeah, he’s got his own thing going and has the occasional guest MC laying it down. But he doesn’t need a frontman. His beats and melodies will make you feel like you smoked an entire tree.

The M for Montreal festival is happening at various venues from Nov. 18–21. See the festival’s website for more.