Canadiens 2021

Photo by Cindy Lopez

PHOTOS: Habs fans take to the streets

Though the Habs were away for their round one victory over the Senators, local fans made their presence felt last night.

Habs fans in downtown Montreal. Photos by Cindy Lopez
Montrealers were on edge in the few remaining minutes of last night’s game as Carey Price made great save after great save. Finally, the Canadiens defeated the Senators in Ottawa in what turned out to be a hard fought six-game series.

It may have been a rainy Sunday night, but first-round celebrations came in the form of people circling Ste-Catherine in cars, honking and waving flags. One man started his own party as he got out of a car and ran up and down Ste-Catherine blowing a horn. Here’s to a bigger party in the 2nd round.
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