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Your guide to the arts scene, featuring vernissages for shows about junkspace, centaurs and gentrification, and more shows involving performance art and robots.

ANTOINE A Small Lighting Revolution by Juan Ortiz-Apuy
‘A Small Lighting Revolution’ by Juan Ortiz-Apuy at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran
After the flurry of activity that was last week, things have settled down somewhat in the gallery scene, but there’s still plenty of vernissages and special events going down this week to keep you busy.

Today, Wednesday, you can check out two new shows at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, which both involve the use of everyday objects taken apart and repurposed into sculpture and collage. The first, Out of This Light, Into This Shadow by Juan Ortiz-Apuy is a magical-realist animated yellow brick road of architecture and interior design from the Bauhaus school to Rem Koolhaas’s Junkspace, made with a heavy dose of deconstructed Ikea furniture parts. For the second show, Balancing Zing, artist Les Ramsay has created tactile collages using new and repurposed fabric with a nod to the art of comedic timing. 1892 Payette, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 58 p.m.

'Ahthropos' by Konstantinos Meramveliotakis at Atelier Circulaire
‘Ahthropos’ by Konstantinos Meramveliotakis at Atelier Circulaire

Thursday will be the vernissage at Atelier Circulaire for Konstantinos Meramveliotakis’s solo show Centaur, in which the artist uses several different techniques to render the basic form of the mythological half-man, half-horse out of a variety of other related but distinct parts that reveal their dual and transitional natures. 5445 de Gaspé, #105, Thursday, Jan. 22, 5:30 p.m.

Also going down Thursday is the group show Robotis Personae at Eastern Bloc, which features robots in action, navigating their mechanical selves through organic environments, revealing a few secrets along the way. 7240 Clark, 2nd floor, Thursday, Jan. 22, 6 p.m.

On Friday, a work of performance art will be staged at Rats 9 by Link & Pin, who are mounting an entire season of programming this year at the Belgo space after a season in Toronto last year. Friday’s line-up includes work by Francis O’ Shaughnessy, Marie-Claude Gendron and Emma-Kate Guimond. 372 Ste-Catherine W., #530, Friday, Jan. 24, 7 p.m.

Work from 'Études préparatoires' by Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf at Optica
Work from ‘Études préparatoires’ by Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf at Optica

Saturday offers an afternoon double vernissage at Optica, with Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf (who is also presently showing work at Arprim) showing his series Études préparatoires, consisting of found pages of old books depicting architecture and sporting scenes that he’s embellished with explosive pencilled POWs. In keeping with the architectural theme, Michael Blum presents his interdisciplinary installation Palazzo Chupi, which addresses the real-life narrative of preservation, gentrification and observation of the same NYC West Village corner. 5455 de Gaspé, #106, Saturday, Jan. 24, 3–5 p.m.

Work by Spazuk at Galerie C.O.A
Work by Spazuk at Galerie C.O.A

Most galleries are closed on Monday, but on Jan. 26 you’ll have a chance to visit Galerie C.O.A for the vernissage of Spazuk’s Récidive. Don’t miss out on discovering this artist’s unique style, a years-in-the-making technique of drawing with the sooty residue of the flame from a candle or torch. Forming an image is a spontaneous and reactive process, and the results are graceful and ethereal, like a curl of smoke caught on film. 6405 St-Laurent, Monday, Jan. 26, 5–8 p.m.

Don’t forget to check out the full listings below for more vernissages, last calls and ongoing shows all over town.




Jan. 21, 7–10 p.m.

Agora de la danse – 840 Cherrier

Martin Désilets

To Feb. 20


Jan. 21, 5–8 p.m.

Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran – 1892 Payette

Out of This Light, Into This Shadow – Juan Ortiz-Apuy

Balancing Zing – Les Ramsay

To Feb. 28


Jan. 21

Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) – 185 Ste-Catherine W.

The Forgotten Space

To March 15


Jan. 22, 6 p.m.

Eastern Bloc – 7240 Clark, 2nd Floor

Robotis Personae – Sofian Audry + Samuel St-Aubin & Stephen Kelly + Beatriz Herrera

To Feb. 11


Jan. 22, 5:30 p.m.

Atelier Circulaire – 5445 de Gaspé, #105

Centaur – Konstantinos Meramveliotakis

To Feb. 27


Jan. 24, 2–6 p.m.

Rats 9 – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #530)

Dunce Queen – Margot Klingender

To Feb. 4


Jan. 24, 5–8 p.m.

Galerie D – 1200 Amherst, #102

Group Show Fundraiser for the Fondation du Centre Jeunesse de Montréal

To Feb. 11


Work by Michael Blum at Optica
Work by Michael Blum at Optica

Jan. 24, 3–5 p.m.

Optica – 5455 de Gaspé, #106

Études préparatoires. Dessins d’explosions 2012-2015 – Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf

Palazzo Chupi – Michael Blum

To March 21


Jan. 25, 4:30–9 p.m.

Le repaire des 100 talents – 5867 St-Hubert

Touski – Group Show

To Feb. 27


Jan. 26, 5–8 p.m.

Galerie C.O.A – 6405 St-Laurent

Récidive – Spazuk

To Feb. 7


Last Call:


E. K. Voland Art Gallery – 4710 St-Ambroise, #100

Warmth – Group Show curated by Holly Friesen

To Jan. 20


La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse – 4296 St-Laurent

You’re Lucky You’re Pretty / You’re Lucky You’re Cute – Bush Party

Finissage Jan. 22, 5–7 p.m.


Galerie D – 1200 Amherst, #102

Espace intime – Jocelyne Hénen

To Jan. 22


Artexte – 2 Ste-Catherine E.

Changeover – Jason Simon

To Jan. 24


Fondation Guido Molinari – 3290 Ste-Catherine E.

Cozic/Moli: The Seventies – A Complicit Allusion

Marc Garneau 1982 – 1984: An Eyeful of Silence

Finissage Jan. 25, 3 p.m. with performance by Louise Bédard Danse


Galerie Mile End (Ame-Art) – 5345 Parc


To Jan. 25


Galerie ABYSS – 1520 Notre-Dame W.

Superheroes – Group Show

To Jan. 25


Centre d’exposition Lethbridge (Bibliothèque du Boisé) – 2727 Thimens

Les Migrations du Bestiaire – Jean Paul Riopelle

To Jan. 25


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – 1380 Sherbrooke W.

From Van Gogh to Kandinsky: Impressionism to Expressionism, 19001914

To Jan. 25


Ongoing Shows:


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – 1380 Sherbrooke W.

Anne Frank – A History for Today

To Jan. 28


Espace Cercle Carré – 36 Queen

Set Against the Ground – Andrée-Anne Carrier + Matthew Thomson

To Jan. 30 – Finissage Jan. 30, 6–9 p.m.


Le Dépanneur Café – 206 Bernard

Boundless – Swarm

To Jan. 31


Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery – 1400 de Maisonneuve W., Ground Floor

Speculations. Risquer l’interprétation: Part 3 – Group Show

To Jan. 31


The McClure Gallery (Visual Arts Centre) – 350 Victoria

January Light, So Light – Karilee Fuglem

To Jan. 31


Boutique FAKE – 72 Rachel E.

José Enrique Montes Hernandez

To Jan. 31


atelier b. – 5758 St-Laurent

Josni Bélanger

To Jan. 31


Usine 106U – 160 Roy E.

Fausse-térité – Group Show

To Jan. 31


Visual Voice Art Gallery – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #421)

Art+Science in Motion – Short Film Group Show

To Jan. 31


Galerie ROCCIA – 5692 St-Laurent

Eric Godin

To Feb. 1


Espace VERRE – 1200 Mill

Impromptu – Amélie Girard

To Feb. 6


Dazibao – 5455 de Gaspé,  #109

Light Adjustments – Scott Massey

Future Perfect (Screening Room) – Curated by Boshko Bosković

To Feb. 7


Centre des Arts actuels Skol – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #314)

The Engine Room – Katerina Athanasopoulou + Lena Athanasopoulou + Zoe Giabouldaki

To Feb. 7


Arprim – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #426)

Catalogue des apocalypses ordinaires – Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf

To Feb. 7


Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) – 185 Ste-Catherine W.

La Biennale de Montréal – Group Show

To Feb. 8


DHC/ART – 451 & 465 St-Jean

The Enclave – Richard Mosse

Surface Tension – Valérie Belin

To Feb. 8


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – 1380 Sherbrooke W.

The Patriotism of Death: Propaganda Posters From World War I

To Feb. 8


Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec – 615 Sainte-Croix

ARToon – Group Show

To Feb. 8


Parisian Laundry – 3550 St-Antoine W.

Drop, Drop Slow Tears – Janet Werner

Uncertain Smile – Jordan Weitzman

To Feb. 14


SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg  #507)

119 m Above Sea Level – Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal

To Feb. 14


Galerie de l’UQAM – 1400 Berri, Pavillon Judith-Jasmin, Local J-R 120

The Disorderless of Things – Group Show

Transcender l’architecture – Marie-Eve Martel

To Feb. 14


Galerie B-312 – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #403)

Sensing Realities – Group Show

To Feb. 14


Les Territoires – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #527)

Nature Molle – Shanie Tomassini

A Helper – Chih-Chien Wang

To Feb. 14


Galerie Simon Blais – 5420 St-Laurent, #100

Contre-chants – Louise Robert

Alleyn 360º – Edmund Alleyn

To Feb. 14


OBORO – 4001 Berri, #301

Border Stitching – Vessna Perunovich

To Feb. 14


Galerie Trois Points – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #520)

Construction de l’histoire – Group Show

To Feb. 14


Articule – 262 Fairmount W.

Corporate Creativity Workshops for Art – Desearch Repartment

To Feb. 15 – Artist Talk Jan. 29, 7 p.m.


Canadian Centre for Architecture – 1920 Baile

Found in Translation: Palladio and Jefferson

To Feb. 15


Maison culturelle et communautaire de Montréal-Nord – 12004 Rolland

La relève se révèle – Patricia Faubert + Rocio Perez + Merlin

To Feb. 15


FOFA Gallery (Concordia Faculty of Fine Arts) – 1515 Ste-Catherine W.

88 Days in Själsö – Sarah A Tremblay

Fathomless – Philippe Caron Lefebvre

Political Poem / I Watch The News – Félipe Goulet Letarte

To Feb. 20


Centre CLARK – 5455 de Gaspé, #114

Valley of the Deer – Jillian McDonald

Les sessions de la paix – Jean-Michel Leclerc

Ruptur – Nelly-Ève Rajotte + Samuel Bobony

To Feb. 21- Finissage w/ Jean-Michel Leclerc Feb. 21, 3 p.m.


Diagonale – 5455 de Gaspé, #110

Chara – Valerie Kolakis

To Feb. 21


VOX Centre de l’Image Contemporaine – 2 Ste-Catherine E.,  #401

James Benning + Jean Marie-Delaville

To Feb. 21


Galerie René Blouin – 10 King

Ari Bayuaji

Serge Murphy

To Feb. 21


Galerie Nicolas Robert – 10 King

If There is a Lake, The Swans Will Go There – Martin Schop

To Feb. 21


Galerie Hugues Charbonneau – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #308)

Made in Britain – Karen Tam

To Feb. 21


Espace Projet – 353 Villeray

Retour sur les quatres routes: Le Corbusier 50+ – Group Show

To Feb. 22


FOFA Gallery (Concordia Faculty of Fine Arts) – 1515 Ste-Catherine W.

Concordia Remembers – Sara A. Tremblay

To Feb. 22


Galerie Lilian Rodriguez – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #405)

Espaces illusoires – Blanche Louise-Michaud + Sarah Osborne + Amélie Riendeau

To Feb. 28


Galerie Laroche/Joncas – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #410)

Places – Lynne Cohen + Sylvie Readman

To Feb. 28


CIRCA art actuel – 372 Ste-Catherine W. (Belgo Bldg #444)

The Uneasy Sleep of the Operator – Sébastien Cliche

Soulèvement social – Sayeh Sarfaraz

To Feb. 28


Art Mûr – 5826 St-Hubert

Reticence – Michelle Lundqvist

Fields – Neil Harrison

Paysage financier – François Raymond

La revente – Group Show

To Feb. 28


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – 1380 Sherbrooke W.

Warhol Mania: A Brand-New Look at his Advertising Posters and Magazine Illustrations

To March 15


McCord Museum – 690 Sherbrooke W.

Frédéric Lavoie – Artist in Residence

To March 15


Musée du Rock’n’Roll – 2222 Ontario E.

Révolution Rock: The Emergence of Quebecois Rock’n’Roll 19641968

To March 24


McCord Museum – 690 Sherbrooke W.

Love in Fine Fashion

To April 12


Musée du costume et du textile du Québec (MCTQ) – 363 de la Commune E.

Chic & Choc

To April 18


Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History – 350 Place Royale

The Greeks – Agamemnon to Alexander the Great

To April 26


Canadian Centre for Architecture – 1920 Baile

Rooms You May Have Missed – Bijoy Jain + Umberto Riva

To April 29