EXCLUSIVE: A new video by Blood and Glass

The Montreal band depicts the weird world of child beauty pageants in their video for “Sing Dear Queen.”

photo by Darren Curtis
Alix Jeudy as Miss Pretty. Photo by Darren Curtis
The new music video by Montreal art pop collective Blood and Glass — co-directed by Kristina Wagenbauer and the band’s frontwoman Lisa Moore — depicts the weird world of child beauty pageants. They describe it as an “ultra-feminist” comment on a demeaning, exploitative industry.

“At first, we were going to make creepy men judge and rate the little girl,” says Moore,  “…but then we decided the creepy person should be the girl’s mother. This way we are pointing the finger at women and our responsibility towards each other in putting less value in our looks.”

Watch the video below, and mark your calendars for your next chance to see the band live in Montreal (Feb. 21, 2015, at O Patro Vys).