Tuesday, Aug. 26

* Slums: Cities of Tomorrow at Cinéma du Parc
* It’s the last Sud West of the season at Terrasse St. Ambroise
* Cultures of Resistance screens at Place de la Paix
* DJ Thomas Promise spins at Notre Dame des Quilles

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Banksy’s work in Cultures of Resistance

Jean-Nicolas Orhon’s documentary Slums: Cities of Tomorrow connects the dots between slums in eight countries, from Canada to Turkey, and presents a different angle on close-quartered living. Cinéma du Parc (3575 Parc), 6:45 p.m., $11.50

It’s the final edition of Ghostbeard and Poirier’s Sud West for 2014, so if you’re into bottomed-out beats, beer and BBQ under the setting sun, get down to Terrasse St-Ambroise tonight. Here’s a playlist to set the mood. 5080 St-Ambroise (canal-side), 7–11 p.m., free

Cinema Politica screens Iara Lee’s film Cultures of Resistance, which documents resistance movements around the world, under the stars in Place de la Paix. Next to 1201 St-Laurent, 9 p.m., free

DJ Thomas Promise hosts Notre Dame de Disco at NDQ, playing an all-vinyl set of funk, soul, R&B, doo-wop, fusion, jazz, dancehall, hip hop, no wave, new wave, avant garde and pop. 32 Beaubien E., 10 p.m.

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